About Us

An Intelligent Partnership

MessageCore™ was developed in 2000 by Amethon Solutions and ran as a division of this company. 

In early 2008 the MessageCore™ SMS messaging activity was formed into a separate business under the business name of Smart Messaging Services P/L (SMSPL) and then later in 2008 it was branded under the trading name Intelli Messaging by which we are known today.

MessageCore™ SMS gateway was one of the first gateways in Australia to offer an enterprise-quality SMS gateway service and continues to lead the market with technological capability.  Intelli Messaging holds a US patent for Reply to Unique Message Functionality. 

Intelli Messaging is now a fully owned subsidiary of Mobility Group Holdings which is part of the MAP Venture Partners Technology Group.

Intelli Messaging has an extensive customer-base that relies on our gateway for instant messaging to their customers, staff and public. 

Our substantial consolidated volume of messaging allows us to deliver message services to you at genuine wholesale pricing.  At the same time, we maintain an exceptionally high level of service reliability through our multiple methods of system redundancy. 

If you are seeking to quickly and easily deliver SMS messaging to your customers, while maximising your profit, a partnership with Intelli Messaging is a very intelligent business decision. 

Intelli Messaging partners with application developers in two ways. 

  1. Where you as the developer act as an agent.  In this way the end user contract is directly with Intelli Messaging
  2. Where you as the developer act as a reseller.  In this way the end user contract is with you.