Enterprise Quality SMS

Not All Services are Equal

And this is most certainly true in the SMS Service market in Australia and around the world. So what differentiates an Enterprise class SMS service for Large Corporate organisations, or SME wanting high quality, high availability.

True High Availability

  • System Architecture that supports High Availability.
  • System Infrastructure that supports High Availability running independent system across 2 or more data centers with automatic fail over.
  • Within DataCenter system server redundancy, storage redundancy and real time data replication.
  • Network redundancy LAN and WAN.
  • Supplier route redundancy with automatic route fail over.
  • Real Time application, service and hardware monitoring.


  • Service Performance Reliability and Guarantees
  • Ability to Scale to Demand

Support, Not Just Issue Resolution

  • Business Use Case Support - How can SMS add value to your business.
  • Application development support - much more than an API document.
  • Rapid issue resolution.
  • Issue and service notifications regarding Service performance and routing interruptions.


  • SMS message can contain private information or Security Sensitive information - how safe is your data?
  • Encryption.
  • Security Intrusion.

Continuity and Experience

  • Application to Phone SMS services are relatively new but have still been available since 2000.
  • Comfort that your service will still be available in the long term.
  • Flexibility to ensure that the changing market does not impact your messaging service.
  • Ability and will to support your changing requirements.