Why Intelli?


Intelli Messaging is an enterprise-quality SMS communication provider that is specifically and only focused on selling highly-reliable wholesale SMS services at genuine wholesale prices. We commit that we will not compete with our customers.


Our system architecture has multiple redundancy mechanisms built-in to ensure we provide you and your customers with a service you can depend on. You can buy with confidence and we can sell with certainty.


We are so certain of our message delivery performance that we promise to credit you for any message not delivered to handsets. To support this assurance, we provide message delivery to handset confirmation on all messages sent and delivered.


Intelli Messaging is located in Australia, providing superior access to our expertise, and ensuring that we can respond promptly to your needs during your business hours. When you call Intelli Messaging, you are immediately in contact with a real person (not a machine) and you can expect your query to be dealt with effectively and efficiently.


As a MessageCore™ wholesale customer, you own the client application and have all the versatility to supply it on, integrate it and charge for it, whilst managing your customers' access accounts and billing to minimise your development and on-going administration costs.

Unique Functionality

MessageCore™ has built in complex message reply technology for reply to unique message functionality (for which we hold a US patent). This matches reply messages to your outgoing message based on your unique message ID.

Realistic Terms

We offer post-paid accounts with 30 days payment terms (subject to credit approval). You do not have to buy credits in advance and therefore don't risk the continuity of your customers' service if you run out of credit.