Messaging Services 

MessageCore™ enables you to quickly and easily integrate SMS messaging through your existing applications to enable application to phone (MT) and phone to application (MO) messaging for your customers. Our SMS service is specifically designed with Solution and Service Providers in mind enabling you to resell the service to your customers.

To send enriched content we recommend you use our Mobile CMS system to build a mobile web page, and then put the hyperlink to the page into your SMS message.  This gives you more content flexibility at a much lower cost than using MMS.

MessageCore™ supports:

  • Simple to build in Web Services and REST Interface Methods
  • Email and HTTP Interfaces for more basic functionality.
  • Administration APIs for creating accounts and users and adding credits
  • Outlook OMS messaging interface
  • Advanced two-way (reply to unique message) SMS messaging with message reply path back to your application, email, inbox or mobile phone.
  • Inbound dedicated number lease
  • Automated Response to MO messages
  • ASCII or unicode (non English alphabets) and binary SMS delivery
  • Premium SMS
  • Long Messages over 160 Characters using multipart messaging.
  • Online Payment and user registration application for End Users


Simplicity. Functionality. Reliability.

Intelli's technology is not only build on redundancy but also on scalability. Servers can be added in the different nodes to increase the capacity. The loss of a server in any node does not effect the messaging service

Customer Admin App

MessageCore™ makes developing SMS functionality within your business systems easy … no need to write application code to track message volumes or control pre-paid accounts. Managing your customers' accounts couldn't be easier!

  • Manage customer accounts and users
  • Post and Prepaid accounts
  • Automated Report and Alert Delivery
  • Extract Data for Customer Billing
  • Web From for Auto Customer Account Creation
  • Online Payment Application to your account

Get your messaging solutions to market quickly and at low cost.

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Adv. 2-Way SMS

Intelli is the 2-Way messaging Expert. MessageCore™ is one of the few SMS gateways to offer a "reply to unique outgoing SMS message" service. And now this functionality is easy for your business to build into almost any relevant application solution. You do not need to lease reply numbers.

MT message destinations that support Advanced 2-Way messaging with local reply numbers; Australia, New Zealand (via shortcode), US, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, UK, Sweden. Let us know if you need the service to other countries.

Premium SMS

Premium SMS lets you collect money for the messaging service via the relevant telecommunication provider's billing system. It can be used for both Mobile Terminated (MT) and mobile originated (MO) messaging.

Use our shared voting and competition shortcode 19999090 at very cost effective pricing

Premium messaging is subject to stringent regulations. We can help you work through all the requirements.