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Why Intelli Messaging

Why Use Intelli Messaging Services


IntelliSMS is an enterprise-quality SMS communication provider that is uniquely focused on selling the most reliable SMS services into the Australian and New Zealand markets at genuine wholesale prices.

We commit that we will not compete with our Resellers on price.

We understand that every business need is different and therefore work intimately with our customers to deliver the right bespoke solution to their unique messaging requirements.


We are so certain of our message delivery performance that we provide Best-of-Practice service level guarantees.


We are so certain of our message delivery performance that we provide service performance guarantees. Our technology has controlled retry mechanisms to ensure that your message gets delivered and delivered once even when a supplier connection gets interrupted or a becomes unavailable for a period of time.

Contact our Sales team for details on performance guarantees.

Accessible and Available

Intelli Messaging is located in Australia, ensuring we can respond promptly to your needs during your business hours. When you call Intelli Messaging, you are immediately in contact with a real person (not a machine) and your query will be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Technology – Intelligent Source Routing.

When you send SMS using our virtual number pool you can be sure we will correctly return route all reply messages from your message recipients. This is enabled by our Patented “Intelligent Source Routing” message reply technology for managing replies to each unique message. If it is done by Intelli you can be sure is it done correctly.

View our Intelligent Source Routing network diagram here.


Although we do not guarantee to be cheapest in the market (ie we will not compete on price with providers running SMS services in their garage), we guarantee to provide you with the highest value service in the Enterprise service market. Please browse our website to get a feel for the depth of our service offering.

This does not mean our pricing will be out of your reach when comparing it to garage operators.

Your Own Virtual Gateway

As an IntelliSMS wholesale customer, you can resell our Service as your own using our gateway re-branding feature. Our service Web interface allows you to setup and Manage your own customers and their end users. You can even use our Web Payment Application to collect payment from your customers directly to your bank account. This way you can provide messaging features with your applications without having to build your own SMS gateway hub.

Realistic Terms

We offer post-paid accounts with 30 days payment terms (subject to credit approval). You do not have to buy credits in advance, therefore, helping you manage your cash flow.



Easy-to-Integrate, Enterprise Grade.
Messaging Technology for Enterprise
and Application Providers.

"We found IntelliSMS and their team are second to none."
Geoff Neill, Medilink