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Communication Automation

Integrate IntelliSMS to automate your communication through our SMS, Push Message and Voice Services.


IntelliSMS enables you to quickly and easily integrate SMS messaging through your existing applications to enable application to phone (MT) and phone to application (MO) messaging for your customers. Our SMS service is specifically designed with Solution and Service Providers in mind enabling you to resell the service to your customers. Integration options includes, Http Rest and SOAP, SMPP and Email. There is a range of Messaging and Administration APIs that will suite all your needs


Intelli’s Innovative Voice SIP Gateway service provides you the capability to voice enable SMS virtual numbers. This opens up Voice and SMS communication to the same mobile number, giving you multi channel communications options.

Voice services can be used with automated outbound dialing or simply to allow SMS recipients to call you directly from the sms record on the phone.

Using SMS / Voice activated numbers is a fantastic low cost way to meet the marketing compliance requirements in Australia, where in an SMS marketing message you must provide a call to option  Read More

Push Messaging

If you are communicating to a controlled audience or have your own Customer Mobile Application then you can build in push messaging to your communication channels using Intelli’s push messaging service. Our unique service will use push messaging if recipient has a registered push app with the service or will send the message via SMS. Replies can be made either from the device applicable or via SMS messaging. Push messaging allows you to reduce your messaging costs.

How the Intelli Messaging System Works

Intelli Messaging - Network Diagram

Developer Friendly API’s


Try our SMPP, Email and REST API’s

Voice API

Use our Market Leading Voice API

Push Message API

push message api
Push API’s for Devices and Messaging.
Intellisms tech system

Carrier Grade SMSC Technology

Many SMS gateway providers build their own messaging technology with greatly varying levels of performance, scalability, redundancy, available and security. We are the only SMS provider in the Australian market that uses Carrier Grade SMSC technology built and maintained by experts that supply this equipment to Mobile Operators. If can Mobile Operators can trust the technology that back our service then so can you.
Australia SMS
Intelli guarantees you 100% Australian direct routed SMS messaging so you have peace of mind that your messages will be delivered and done so in the quickest way. It also means that your message content is not stored overseas on potentially many different SMS gateway servers. You would be surprised how many servers an SMS message can hop across.
Global SMS

Unsure where to start? Need help with integration? What to learn from others success stories? Intelli’s team is here to help you. Call us on 1300 015 013 opt 1 and start the conversation with our sales team

SMS contracts
Intelli provides you an Account administration portal. If you are reselling our service this allows you to; setup and configure your own customers, report on messaging volumes, change user messages features and much more. It really feels like it is your own gateway system not ours.