For the Leaders & Decision Makers @ Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia

If I offered to help your agency, help your clients:

  • Re-engage old prospects in minutes

  • Increase agency revenues

  • Without brand risk or adding to staff headcount

Would you be interested?

Command the Instant Attention of Your Clients Customers.

Digital Instant Awareness SMS

Agency Partnerships

We help Digital Agencies and their Clients get the instant attention of their customers up to 98% of the time - every time - we launch a campaign on their behalf

White Label Managed SMS Services

Leverage the attention grabbing power, the industry leading creative expertise and technical capabilities of IntelliSMS Managed SMS Campaign services AND, if you choose, make a margin on each SMS message sent through on each campaign.

“I gave the word to send a campaign on behalf of a client at 5PM.  The next morning there were over 100 booking's.  My client was wrapt.”

Dean Denny - Owen Denny Digital

List Cleaning

We take your clients mobile phone number list, clean it to ensure valid numbers and ready to send.

SMS Creative

IntelliSMS will write copy designed for the SMS medium.  After 75 million messages sent, we know what works.

Reliable Sending

As a major SMS Gateway in the Australian market, IntelliSMS has one of the highest rates of deliverability.

When was the last time Facebook or Google paid your agency for using their marketing platform?

One intellisms Client

Over 70 Million Messages Sent

IntelliSMS has sent over 70 million messages on behalf of one of Australia's biggest retailers, resulting in massive increase in sales revenue at store events, with no risk to their brand, their reputation and zero complaints to the ADMA.

This service is designed to sell to existing or old customers, NOT generate new leads. 

If your agency wants or needs to get:

Instant Results

The power of SMS is in the immediacy of direct-to-mobile SMS channel and value driven creative

More Revenue

Generate more revenue without adding to your staff overhead or headcount.

Successful Clients

Happy clients stick with marketing agencies that continue to deliver success on a consistent basis.

Go direct to the source

Speak to Kade Martin

My goal is to make Digital Marketing Agency leaders and decision makers like you succeed.  We know that there is no other medium in the marketing world that can instantly generate the specific awareness of your target audience like SMS.  If you're serious about being the best agency in town, I'm ready to take your call.

Kade Martin

SMS Marketing Executive

Don't Forget to Ask Kade About The 1,000 Message Offer

IntelliSMS is only interested in long term, mutually beneficial relationships.  For qualified Digital Marketing agencies that fit that description, IntelliSMS will provide the first 1,000 SMS credits free for your agency to trial with one of your customers, so you can witness to the effectiveness and cut through of SMS marketing, when it is done the right way.

About IntelliSMS

Australian Owned | Melbourne Based | Since 2000

  • Founded in the year 2000, Smart Messaging (IntelliSMS) has been an industry leader in the Australian and New Zealand telecommunications technology market.
  • One of the few remaining independent SMS technology firms in Australia. 
Intelli Messaging

White Labelled Service

Managed SMS Marketing Campaigns

Let IntelliSMS do the heavy lifting and leverage our SMS creative experience gained after sending tens of millions of SMS' on behalf of one of Australia's largest retailers.

If you're a Decision Maker serious about your business being the best Digital Marketing agency in your town AND you want to:  

  1. Engage Client Customers instantly

  2. Increase Agency revenues

  3. Without increasing staff headcount 


Do I Need to Sign a Contract?

No SMS credits are prepaid online and they do not expire. 

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual number is your very own unique number leased by Intelli to you for $20 per month.

It enables the recipient of the message to immediately know who the message has come from (if the number has been saved as a contact on the handset). Ideal for use by casual labour hire companies and recruitment agencies.

Messages can be replied to.

Can My Messages be Replied to?  

Yes as long as they are NOT sent using an Alpha Source ID

Can I Send Without a Virtual Number?  

Yes you can.  2-Way messages can still be sent without leasing your own virtual number by using IntelliSMS' 'rotating number pool'

The only difference compared to leasing your very own virtual number is that each message sent to a recipient comes from a different number each time.

Messages can still be replied to.

Can I put the Name of My Business to Show as the Message Sender?

Yes you can change the "from address" to your business name (max 11 characters, no spaces) however these messages can’t be replied to.

This is what is referred to as using an Alpha Source Address / I.D. on outbound messages.

Ideal for notification /alert style messages but inappropriate for marketing messages that legally require an opt-out.

What if I am not Technically Minded and Still Want to Send?

We provide training and support, however if you are still not comfortable sending on your own, for a little extra fee, we can manage and run campaign for you. 

Is SMS Marketing Legal?

Yes as long as you act in accordance with the Spam Act 2003.  You must have permission or a pre-existing relationship with the recipient in order to send an SMS.  

IntelliSMS is Australia's leader in SMS compliance technology. 

Can my message recipients 'Opt Out'

Yes.  IntelliSMS is Australia's leader in SMS legal compliance technology.

What Type of Campaigns Can I Run?

Traditionally SMS messages are broken down into notifications or marketing.
During COVID-19, it may be wise to send an update notification advising customers operating capability.  Permission based, relevant, value driven marketing messages can be highly effective.

How Can Zapier Help?

IntelliSMS integrates with Zapier.  You can integrate SMS messaging into your favourite software and automate sending SMS.  Send 'Meeting Reminders' from your CRM or Calendar application, send a "thank you for your remittance" SMS from your accounting software or wish a client 'Happy Birthday" on auto pilot.

Pricing Structure

IntelliSMS' pricing is simple and extreamly competitive.

  1. Flat per SMS rate
  2. Flat monthly rate for virtual number

Can I Automate Sending My SMS Messages?

Yes you can.  We call this Robot Marketing.  
After you set up an account, you will be provided with your own virtual number and up to 50 'Keywords' you can use in your marketing.

Each keyword you choose can automatically send a different message, including links and other material depending on the collateral you wish to use.

Robot Marketing is heavily used by real estate agents on property sign boards

EG: 'Simply text 'Smith St' to 0400 111 222 to recieve property floor plans.  




You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If your first campaign doesn't deliver a positive ROI, let's discuss how we can improve or better select the customer lists that will be most relevant.  Alternatively, the first campaign is on us.

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