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Trusted by Australia’s Leading Brands.

Since its inception into the Australian marketplace, ‘IntelliSMS’ has been partnering with Australia’s most iconic brands to deliver individualised SMS solutions that combine both revenue growth with operating cost reductions.

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You Are in Safe Hands With Our Telco Grade Network

SMS Network

Bespoke Enterprise Solutions 

As an Australian messaging expert, ‘IntelliSMS’ understands and advises all of its enterprise customers on local compliance issues, anti-spam laws, data sovereignty concerns and customer opt-out management.

With its Telco grade servers and routers based in the most secure Australian based data centers, 100% Direct connects to the Australian Telco’s, your messages DO NOT leave Australian shores and are therefore 100% compliant on all Data Sovereignty concerns.

As part of our bespoke service, we can provide strategic advice regarding consumer usage and engagement trends as well as our commercial experience across a range of industries.

Bespoke SMS Solutions for Enterprise
SMS Data Sovereignty

Data Sovereignty

In a global world and the increasing prevalence of “off shoring” services, it is good to know that Intelli Messaging Service maintain the integrity and security of your data by keeping all it’s client’s data in Australia.

It is an important distinction because many industries (Government for example) demand that messaging services data remains within our legal jurisdiction.

Before you sign up with a SMS service, ask if all messages stay on shore or are routed off shore using cheaper services.

The investment in Telco grade or Tier One infrastructure by Intelli Messaging ensures that our clients are protected when it comes to matters of Data Sovereignty.

Enterprise Customer Portal

Take advantage of IntelliSMS’s purpose built Enterprise Customer Portal.

Enterprise portal functionality:

  • Fully backed reporting on message delivery status / delivery performance
  • Reporting by parent and sub account level
  • Reporting by cost centre
  • Opt out management and full Spam Act 2003 compliance
  • Messaging Interface, (supporting email to SMS and excel to SMS)
IntelliSMS Managers
Enterprise Customer Smartphone APP

Enterprise Customer Smartphone APP

Developed with large enterprise customers in mind the ‘IntelliSMS’ enterprise customer smart phone app allows enterprise customers with large internal work forces to message in a closed and secure communication app.

Using push notifications at a fraction of the cost of an SMS the ‘Intelli’ enterprise messaging app allows for all messaging to be monitored and stored for internal review and for enhanced message communication security.