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Multimedia Messaging Service

Revolutionary New Media Options

via the SMS Channel

Video MMS

Use a video message to introduce
yourself to a new prospect

Image MMS

Grab maximum attention with the power of a photo

Audio MMS

Let prospects here your voice in a personalised message

1K Text MMS

Include a subject line and a
message with up to 1000 characters


Use a multi image slide show to highlight a property


What is Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)?

MMS enables you to deliver any type of multimedia format via the traditional SMS mobile phone channel.

How Will You Use IntelliMMS?

Wow First Impressions

Reduce SMS Campaign risk

Make sure to stand out

from the competition

Event Notifications

Reach your target audience

Marketing Campaigns

done for you sms campaigns
New level of engagement

How to Get Started.

Get Started with IntelliMMS

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