Multimedia Messaging Service

Multimedia Messaging

Revolutionary New Media Options

via the SMS Channel


Boost your campaign with a short video highlighting your offer


Use a rotating, multi image slide show to highlight a property


1,000 Characters

Including 64 character subject line and
messages up to 1000 characters

What is Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)?

MMS enables you to deliver any type of multimedia format via the traditional SMS mobile phone channel.


Let prospects hear your voice in a personalised message


Use images or coupons to grab maximum attention & drive sales

REACH:  Ensure your campaign cuts through.  MMS open rates exceed 99% and are read within 3 minutes.

ENGAGE:  MMS achieves 300% more customer engagement than using text only messaging.

SHARE:  Make your campaign go VIRAL! MM content is 8 times more likely than SMS to be shared.

INFLUENCE:  90% of consumers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional images & videos.

How Will You Use IntelliMMS?


Reduce SMS Campaign risk
Stand out and provide value

to customers with images


Enriched Campaigns

Provide a deeper campaign

experience with video

Story Telling

IntelliMMS - MMS for SMS
Send animated GIF’s

images to tell your story

Now Available

‘MMS Enabled’ Robot Marketing Reply Campaigns

Virtual Number

Start with  your

own virtual mobile


Add Keyword

Reduce SMS Campaign risk
Set a keyword for prospects

to text in to. eg: SMITHST

Auto Reply with MMS

done for you sms campaigns
Automatically send MMS

rich replies to prospects

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