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​Data Sovereignty

​Justin Cardillo - CEO IntelliSMS

How ​Safe Is Your Data and Your Clients?

​Data sovereignty is the concept that your SMS content is transmitted and stored electronically in the country where the message originated, so in this case Australia.

The main concerns that surround data sovereignty relate to enforcing privacy regulations, and preventing data that is stored in a foreign country from being subpoenaed by overseas courts.

The more points of transfer that an electronic data packet, (in this case your SMS message)  moves through, the greater the risk of piracy of that data.  

This means that if the content of your message does not leave Australia then it has a much smaller chance of being hacked.

Keeping  in mind also many SMS Service providers to do not encrypt the SMS data that is transmitted, leaving the http data sent, wide open to hacking.

By the very nature of the SMS industry when overseas routing is used your message could hop between up to 5 international SMS messaging Aggregators.  

Even your SMS provider is  unlikely to be able to tell you who your message is hopping to and from, to get to its final destination.

If you cannot even answer who is handling your message then how can you be sure its content is secure, the people who handle your message have secure data storage and that they transmit your message over secure channels or in encrypted form.  

The privacy Laws in Australia are very clear – but do you meet these requirements?

Or are you confident the next time you send a message that you will meet these requirements?

IntelliSMS is a 100% Australian owned and operated company (our servers and routers are  based in Melbourne), and we have  direct connects with all the Australian Telco's.

Simply put, messages sent through the IntelliSMS gateway do not leave Australian shores.
IntelliSMS guarantees that all messages sent are regulated by Australian Law (Privacy Act) and are not being sent via offshore servers, which significantly mitigates the likely of spam and fraud in relation to your SMS messages.

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