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​Building Your Own Admin Portal

Peter Humphries - CEO

Building Your Own Admin Portal

Building a Customer, User, Credit Management and Message History reporting system is a big and time consuming task.

By big I mean relation to the time it will take you to develop the part of your system that constructs a message and sends it to our service.  That's a relatively quick process.  Especially if you are already sending emails with similar content at the same points in the business process.

Few SMS server providers, including Intelli Messaging, offer your own admin portal as part of their SMS messaging service.  Some providers, also including Messaging, offer payment applications that can capture you customers payments directly into your merchant accounts.

Working with the right provider you can then implement SMS into you applications very quickly. This will reducing you cost to market and improve you time market for SMS feature delivery. The difference can be very significant.

Using all these features, you can sell and manage SMS services with virtually no administration effort by providing online payment, reporting and account management provided by you SMS service provider.

At IntelliMessaging we have all these features.   To save time and money, simply give us a call.

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