Intelli’s SMS service is backed by its world class Mobile Operator SMSC (Prime) and Enterprise Messaging System (EMS). This carrier grade technology has been Implemented for “High Availability” and “Rapid Scaling” giving you peace of mind that we have every message you send as our highest priority.

Intelli Messaging specialises in alert notification messaging. In these circumstances, our Enterprise and App Developer clients rely on messages to be delivered on time every time.

MT Message Features

GSM and Unicode Character sets supported including Emoji characters.

Set Scheduled Delivery Time messages in the scheduled queues can be deleted on request.

Set messageValidity Period. How long do you want your message to retry if not delivered before being deleted ?

Flash Message SMS messages that are not saved to your device and flash up on the screen when received.

Multi-Part Messages eg messages longer than 160 characters GSM or 70 characters Unicode.

Set your MT message reply path in the MT message send request or against you user record in our platform.

Set a Source address against your user record or set it in the MT message send request

Delivery Receipts forwarded via email to http GET service hosted by you. You can also query for them.

Messages can be sent using REST, SOAP, Email or SMPP. (refer to API for full Details)

MO Message Features

Dedicated virtual numbers (that can also be voice activated via VOIP)

Forward message to multiple destinations of type: URL (http GET). Email and SMS.

Auto message responder

Select to have the content of your MT message included in your MO message (reply messages only, send using Max-Rotation feature with Intelli's Source Address Pools)

One Way Messaging

Most country destinations support MT one way messaging. Typically for one way messaging we recommend using Alpha source address (in supported countries) so the message cannot be responded to. One way messages still have all our MT message features.

Reply Messaging with Dedicated Virtual Number

If you lease your own Dedicated Virtual Number we fix the routing on all MO messages to your receiver service. You can set the dedicated number as your source address when sending MT message or you can set it against your user accounts. All message then set from you will come from the same mobile number. Your customers can the save the number as a contact on their phone and thus know who is messaging them.

Porting of SMS Virtual Numbers

Our Virtual Numbers can be ported so you if choose to stop using Intelli Messaging you can keep your number.

Reply to Unique Message with Intelli’s Source Address Number Pools

This service is currently supporting Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, US, UK and Hong Kong.

When using this service you can send multiple messages to the one phone recipient and know which message was responded to. You do not have the issues and costs of managing your own virtual numbers. We do it for you.

This service rotates the virtual number source address to maintain a message reply path. This can be done in two ways. One to maintain the same source address for the purposes of maintaining a conversation thread on the phone. The second is to rotate the source address as much as possible to allow unique matching of the reply message to the message sent.

Email to SMS

Our Email to SMS Sending allows many different email formats to be used when sending messages to our service. Refer to API for more details. The service features include:

Reply to the email sender, or override this with an email or url set against the user record.

Send email with csv file list of recipients

Include the content of the MT message in reply MO message.

Authenticate with email domain or email username or password.

Include multiple recipients in the to address of the email.

Virtual SMS Gateway

Use our gateway service as your own – with your own brand. All without the need to manage your own SMS gateway service. Your Reseller user interface allows you to manage your own customer and users and the features they have access to.

It also gives you the reports to bill them, and provides the end user access to their account and message history.

If you provide your customers their business applications, then we recommend that you also provide them the SMS service. It is another great way to add to your product suite and add a new revenue source.

Two Factor Authentication

Our service makes 2FA easy.
We handle the authentication token and validations – all you have to is call the service. Our 2FA service uses our premium routing to make sure your messages are delivered within industry benchmark standards.

SMS HLR Service

HLR is a global network home lookup register service that is part of the overall Mobile Operator Network service. This service lets you know if a mobile number is actively subscribed on the network and which mobile carrier hosts the service.

This service, *(with a sub $0.01c look up cost per number) is a great way to clean the mobile phone number data in your database so you can be assured that when you send a message it is to a currently subscribed mobile number.


Voice Activated SMS Virtual Numbers. Our service allows calls to be forwarded to your sip gateway service or to be redirected to another Mobile of Fixed Line service.

If you already have a VOIP softphone product, why not use our service and add SMS messaging to your product. Your customer can then call and SMS on the same number.

SMS Marketing messages in Australia require a call back option for the recipient of the SMS marketing message. The easiest way to meet this requirement is to use one of our SMS virtual numbers that is voice activated. This way you can still fit your message in 160 characters and meet the requirements of the regulations.