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Two Way Shared Numbers

Two Way Messaging Using Shared Number Pools

Intelli’s “Intelligent Source Routing” allows Aggregators connected via SMPP to do 2- way messaging
without leasing their own costly SMS Virtual Numbers, and without the use of SMS Keywords.
At “Intelli” we use two technologies to achieve this result:

1. Swap Address

We swap your source addresses set in your MT messages (number ranges that we agree for you to use) with one of our Virtual Mobile numbers that are allocated to our rotating source address pool. When we receive the MO message we match it (using the second part of our technology) to your original MT message, then we swap back in your source address and return the message to you.

2. Intelligent Source Routing

See Diagram Below.

The Technology we use for Matching the MO message to the MT uses our US Intelligent Source Routing Patent which ensures we correctly match every MO message to the right MT message every time. Other providers using simple source address rotation cannot make this claim. At Intelli we do things the right way, ensuring your integrity of service and peace of mind.

Using shared number pools for reply message means you do not need to contact us to set up new customers for 2- way messaging. There is no number leasing required and no number management required. It is Simple, Quick, Easy and Effective.

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