For Aggregators with AUS & NZ Market Traffic


As a leader in the Australian market, we are one of the very few Tier 1 aggregators with Direct Carrier Connection. Intelli is a Australian operated company with a service built on high reliability for top end Enterprise and Aggregator customers. Choosing Intelli is a simple.


As messaging into N.Z. represents Intelli’s second largest market, we are committed to delivering the highest quality service at the most competitive rates. Being a N.Z industry leader, Intelli has the proven reliability, gateway stability and local knowledge to deliver 2-way messaging at the most competitive rates.

Australian SMS Termination Service

  • Direct Carrier Network Connection for sending all SMS messages to Australian Recipients.
  • Virtual Number Lease.
  • MT delivery with dynamic OA, with local timestamp and local SMSC GT
  • Connections via SMPP, REST, SOAP & SMTP.
  • High TPS allowances.
  • Multipart, Unicode, Flash SMS, Schedule Delivery and Validity Period supported.

New Zealand SMS Termination Service

  • Direct to Carrier Service.
  • Short Codes Required for MT Termination – Leases available.
  • Shared Short Code Reply OA number Pool for alert type message (keywords not required).
  • Standard rate or free to recipient MO message setup.
  • Local Support (in New Zealand).


Application-to-Phone Alert Messaging with Return Reply Path (allowable for Marketing for AUS Destinations).

This product allows you to offer Unique 2-Way Messaging without you or your customers leasing expensive Short Codes (NZ) or Virtual Numbers (AU).

Service Commitment to our Customers

  • 24/7 support
  • Free Integration Assistance
  • Rapid Issue Resolution
  • Very High Service Reliability
Our product correctly match’s an inbound message to it’s corresponding outbound message, in the event, where
multiple messages are sent to an individual recipient

Why use our Unique 2-Way Messaging service?

  • No need to register short codes (NZ)
  • No need to lease Virtual Numbers (AU)
  • No Fixed Monthly fees. Pay what you send.
  • No Minimum SMS Monthly credit spend.
  • No setup time delay.
  • Works with SMPP clients


1. Application Providers Reselling SMS

In this scenario, the same messaging service is used by multiple resellers. In the instance where two resellers are messaging the same recipient, it is of the upmost importance that reply messages are sent back to the correct reseller.

Using Intelli Messaging’s Unique 2-Way Service, individual short codes for each reseller are not required.

There are many more scenarios where an individual recipient may receive more than one message from our service, thus highlighting the significance and importance of using Intelli’s unique and protected 2-way routing technology.

2. Capture Leads with Auto Content Delivery

Open a new lead channel by offering free content and having potential customers text your very own dedicated virtual number to receive it.

SMS marketing with auto content delivery is quickly becoming the preferred tool for modern marketers looking for the highest return on their marketing spend. Complies with all Australian and N.Z. Spam laws.

3. Two Factor Authentication

SMS is rapidly being taken up for use as the second step in transaction or login authentication processes.
The first step is normally that a user has entered a username and password into a web page. In the second step an expiry token is delivered via SMS for entry back into the website. Correct entry of the token validates the transaction or login process.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

With the rise of Robotics, AI and Machine Learning, IoT will soon become a greater part of our daily lives.

Intelli Messaging is prepared for a world where internet enabled devices communicate with each other – Machine to Machine (M2M) – and us, via SMS and yet-to-be-announced technologies.

5. Build Opted-In Customer Databases

Advertise your very own marketing “keywords” to build fully opted in customer databases. Customers can request to join your database to receive ongoing specials and marketing promotion via SMS. Complies with all Australian and N.Z. Spam laws.


Intelli Messaging is a Tier 1 SMS Gateway Service provider in Australia, also offering Direct Carrier Connection routing to New Zealand

Our service is designed and built for enterprise performance and reliability using geographically redundant systems and commercial carrier grade technology.

We recently upgraded to Carrier Grade technology which has enabled us to achieve Best-of-Market service performance.

Intelli has been in the application-to-phone messaging market since its inception in 1999. We are a leader in both the Australian and New Zealand SMS carrier markets.

In recent years Intelli Messaging has broadened its customer base from application solutions providers to some of Australia’s largest corporates and international aggregators.


Smart Messaging Services Pty Ltd Trading as Intelli Messaging

Level 4, 210 Albert Rd
South Melbourne. VIC 3205, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9999 7762