A System Designed for Resellers

Get Control of your own customer's messaging accounts using MessageCore™ The reseller portal allows you the control to setup and manage your customer accounts and in conjunction with the payment application in the end user application can fully automate your SMS administration.

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Reseller Web Admin Application Portal

MessageCore™ provides a unique, high-featured message and customer management application via the web.  It allows Solution and Service Providers to manage SMS message volume and account access for their customers, eliminating the need for separate development of this functionality into their business systems.  It saves development time and cost, and provides a versatile solution with high on-sell potential.

As a MessageCore™ customer, you have the flexibility to integrate the solution and manage the following account activities:

  1. Creating your Customers and users.
  2. Setting up and adding SMS credits for your customers that are pre-paid account type.
  3. Providing access to your customers for them to view their account details, print message detail reports and manage their user access.
  4. Running Reports on your customers message volume and history
  5. Run Audit Reports actions taken on your customers accounts

As the systems provider, you extend your relationship to your customers and earn profit from every message sent rather than involving a secondary company in a relationship with your customer.

MessageCore™ makes developing SMS functionality within your business systems easy ‿no need to write application code to track message volumes or control pre-paid accounts.  Managing your customers' accounts couldn't be easier! That's why so many Solution Providers are choosing Intelli Messaging.

The MessageCore™ functionality significantly reduces the programming effort for you to build the SMS functionality into your system and reduces your administration cost in managing your customers and their accounts.

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