Web SMS and Marketing Application


Mobile Marketing System

Intelli's 3web mobile marketing platform provides marketing leading technology to enable you deliver Rich Message Content using SMS messaging. The system includes an SMS compaign manager to distribute your SMS messages and a Mobile Web CMS system to make building your web landing pages a breeze. Having now combined the SMS and Mobile CMS in the one system you can run reports on who in your campaign has clicked into your web landing page. Just imagine how that will enhance your marketing ability!


  • Quickly & easily build mobile web pages (brochures)
  • Manage contacts/members including import and export
  • Categorise contacts to create easy selection of members for a campaign
  • Send Long Messages, more than 160 characters
  • Auto webpage URL insertion into you SMS message
  • Use your own URL to access your mobile web pages
  • Report on campaign success by tracking who visits your web brochure
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Competition Manager


Manage Your Own Competitions

Our Competition manager web application features an advanced SMS competition management system. You can now setup and manage your our competitions with ease. The system reporting allows you to dissect your entry information in many different ways including, unique entrants, average entries per entrant and much more.

You can even match entries off against a list of imported codes if you wish to control who can enter your competition. You can allow the code to be used only once.


  • General Competition Statistics
  • Graph of Entries by Day
  • Graph of Unique Entrants by Day
  • Graph of Entries by Keyword
  • Graph of Entries by Entrant
  • Graph of New verses Repeat Entrants
  • Entries by hour of the Day

Appointment Manager


Automate Your Appointment Reminders

Intelli's Web Appointment application lets you manage appointments to your all your staff in the one window. You can setup different events to generate SMS messages based on; appointment changes and appointment reminders. You can even send appointment lists to you staff via SMS. People with bookings can reply to the reminder sms message accept or cancel appointments. Appointments of different status appear in different colours on the grid so you can easily see where your complete schedule is at.


  • Drap and Drop appointments between time slots and consultants
  • Double click a grid position to create an appointment
  • Configurable SMS messaging for appointment notification
  • Appointments are made to contact records so you customer database in always at hand. Use this to later market to your customer base.

Campaign Messenger


Send Large Marketing Blasts from our Window SMS Send Application

Campaign Messenger is a Windows Application designed for sending Campaigns to very large lists of recipients. It manages the connection to our Gateway controlling message delivery speed and issues related to internet drop outs so your messaging blast runs without problems. The system keeps you update on the process of the message send


  • Insert Recipients name into the message
  • Set the message source address, eg MyCompany
  • Supports Foriegn character sets eg Chinese
  • Easy Recipient import and export functionality
  • Logon into the Web Application to track message delivery

Download and Install

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Excel to SMS


A Simple Solution to Sending Complex Messages to a List

If you need to construct messages based on different contact information fields then ExceltoSMS provides a practicle and simple solution. Use Excel to construct the message for each recipient using the concatenate formula and contact information that is in different colomns. Then send it out using our ExceltoSMS application. Almost as easy as one two three.

Attendance Tracker


School Attandance Tracking and Alert Messaging System

Our application is a plug in to the Schooltool student management system that provides daily attendance tracking and SMS message functionality

Check out more about schooltool here and more about our attendance plugin here


  • Barcode scanning for entry and exit
  • track attendance of teachers and students
  • Plan and Schedule classes, rooms, teachers and resources
  • Setup and record student grade books
  • Manage the school community on line including student interventions
  • Produces student calenders
  • Bulk SMS notifications to groups
  • SMS alerts based on attendance events