Risk Mitigation Series



Poor Systems Availability Design

Peter Humphries - CEO IntelliSMS

How does your SMS system provider allow for systems component failure?

There are a big range of suppliers and their technology.  This results in a large range of service prices

Least Reliable Systems – Single component systems with no persisted queuing or component separation. Maybe there would be daily database backup?  Would only have simplistic LAN network setup with no redundancy. Very cheap to build and run.

Most Reliable Systems – These systems have multiple components with persisted message queuing between components. Component redundancy with multiple servers for each component with auto failure operations. Databases replicated for live backup and fail over. Reporting databases separated from transaction database.

Redundant LAN and WAN networking with auto fail over.  Duplicated components include firewalls, routers, switches and WAN connections.

How does your supplier stack up?  ​

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