SMS Gateway Technology

Adding SMS and SMS Gateway technology into software is usually borne out of commercial necessity.

SMS Gateway Technology

Software app developers considering adding SMS to their softwares’ arsenal are usually in two commercial situations in relation to SMS.

They’re considering implementing SMS because:

Their clients are requesting it, or
They want to gain a competitive advantage and extend the feature set of their own software
But there is a third scenario that sometimes influences software app developers thinking around SMS and connecting to an SMS gateway API…

And that is monetary.

How Does a SMS Gateway Reseller Make Money?

Many app developers are unaware that by implementing an SMS gateway into their software, they can become a reseller of SMS services.

If your software is used by a large number of clients, SMS Gateway Resellers have the potential to make significant revenue by providing SMS services to their clients, and their clients clients.

The way it works is Intelli Messaging charges a SMS Gateway reseller a fixed rate per SMS sent to you, the reseller.

When you, the SMS reseller send messages on behalf of your client – via your software – then the difference you charge your client is profit.

One of the attractions of becoming a reseller is the potential to scale revenue as your clients start sending more messages to more clients.

It is at this stage – as the SMS text numbers begin to rise – you need to know that the SMS Gateway API and underlying technology you are using is robust, scalable and stable.

SMS Gateway Hardware Requirements?

If you are search for SMS Gateway Hardware, have you considered reselling a gateway system that is hosted and fully managed for you?

By becoming a reseller of our SMS services, you do not have to worry about specialist technology as the heavy lifting has already been completed.

Robust SMS Gateway API

By working with a robust SMS gateway API, you are ensuring that the provision of SMS services to your clients won’t ruin your business reputation.

Taking the risk out of using SMS is a high priority for developers who want to avoid inconsistent service and letting down their clients.

To get the complete guide to the 7 pitfalls to avoid when implementing SMS, simply click the link.

Are Commercial SMS Gateway’s the Cheaper Option?

“The Poor Man Always Pays Twice” couldn’t be a truer analogy for an industry reliant on quality, robust and stable SMS gateways and API’s.

It’s commonly acknowledged there are very cheap SMS text providers operating in the Australian market.

The problem with free or very cheap SMS gateways and providers is the issue of routing (eg: data sovereignty/privacy), technical stability and sustainability.

Commercial SMS gateways end up being a cheaper option over the longer term due to reliability and ease of ongoing management.

Intelli Messaging provides a management console that makes billing and managing clients easy.

By avoiding building your own management console, a commercial SMS gateway such as Intelli Messagings’ administrative portal allows software developers to focus on their product, and not building out SMS management administrative capabilities.

This ongoing, sustainable approach to the business of SMS provisions ensures that commercial SMS gateway providers such as Intelli Messaging are cheaper in the long run for software developers.

Risks Implementing SMS Technology into Your Software

If you are a little unsure about the risks of implementing SMS, as mentioned earlier, we have developed a free report and video training series for you.

It’s called the Seven Pitfalls to Avoid Before Implementing SMS. It’s free and takes about three minutes to read.

How to Easily Implement An SMS Gateway

The quickest way for software app developers like you to implement a quality SMS service is to download the Intelli Messaging Services – SMS Gateway API.

Free Trial Account

As part of this process, we provide a app developers a free trial account with enough SMS credits for you to test our services and get started risk free.

If you have any questions about adding SMS Gateway technology into your software, then feel free to get in contact with the team at Intelli Messaging Services.

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