How many Positive Google reviews do you have?

The digital review is your new advocate and generator of fresh new leads. Strong digital reviews coupled with a 5star average score rating on Google. It can help win new business from strangers and knock out local competition.

Google your business – right now. Add your suburb.

How do your Google Reviews compare to your competitors?

What is your average score?

How many actual reviews do you have?

The agencies with the highest-ranking reviews will appear higher on the search criteria and win the business.

Are you missing out?

IntelliNPS simplifies and amplifies your Google Review process. IntelliSMS now offers an NPS surveying tool (utilizing SMS as the delivery platform) and combines this with their existing robotic marketing system to automate the process.

IntelliNPS makes receiving Google Reviews easy, as it now has the functionality to specifically TARGET your NPS Promoters to go online and do a positive Google Review of your business.

For example, if a promoter replies to your NPS survey with a 9/10 or 10 /10, the Intelli robot will instantaneously send another message back to the promoter saying, “Thank you very much, would you do us the honor of a Google Review”?

The promoter then clicks and goes straight to your Google business page, where they can do the review, which will have a positive impact on the SEO of your business name.

 Justin Cardillo – Sales & Marketing Manager

Justin Cardillo, from IntelliSMS and Australia’s leading digital marketing expert for the real estate industry, says,

“The Google Review allows you to target specifically only those people who are promoters of your business.

Detractors or the passives are not asked to review your business, as by pure definition of the NPS system, they’re unlikely to give you one, or they’re unlikely to give you a positive one, which will only reduce your average on your Review page.”

Reviews are very important because as Justin says,

“Reviews form part of the algorithm that ranks your business name or the keywords that your business uses to sell or get a ranking on Google.

So positive reviews are treated affirmatively by Google, by giving you a positive position in their ranking procedure.”


Passive or Detractor

If you receive a low score by either a passive or detractor, Justin says, “The robotic reply, will ask them to provide further feedback or further information as to the issue they had that led to them giving you a poor score.

You can also ask them to provide some information as to how you can fix the scenario that led to their poor experience. This ‘kills two birds with one stone’, because while you’re getting some negative feedback, which is not what you want to hear – you must hear it.

This then allows you to act upon it and fix it for future reference, and future customers.”



This is a great tool to reach new audiences who may not know who you are but find you via a google search, as 95% of Australians use Google as their search engine. Don’t miss out of new customers.

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