Top Ten Rules for SMS Marketing

❶         Respect you customers’ right to privacy

              Always the first of the top ten rules in SMS Marketing. Respect you customers’ right to privacy. Privacy is a fundamental human right.  Its is about respecting individuals. An important element is the right to protection of personal data of individuals or customers that opt in in SMS marketing. Do not use or give away customers data without their consent.

❷         Only message those who have given you permission to contact

              Only send messages to an individual if they have specifically consented or opted in to receiving SMS or texts from you. You must not send marketing SMS or texts without specific consent.

❸         Allow customers to opt out quickly and easily if they want to

              Whenever subscribers want to opt out, you’ll need to give them a simple way to do so. It’s essential that you always let your customers or subscribers know they can opt out at any time.

❹         Be upfront about who you are and never hide your identity

              Don’t disguise or conceal your identity when sending SMS and always provide a valid contact address. Also ensure you introduce yourself in the text message. That way, the customer will not be left wondering who sent them an exclusive message or great offer. Unfortunately, SPAM exists in the mobile world, so it is good practice to let recipients know who is behind of the text messaging they received.

❺         Only send messages during your business hours – If you are closed don’t message

              People don’t like to be contacted by marketers outside business hours.  They don’t want their privacy invaded. Text messages are a direct line to your customer so be respectful.  Be mindful and don’t abuse your privileges on your messaging practices. Only send messages during business hours.

❻         Never purchase lists of numbers

              Don’t ever purchase lists of numbers. Buying a list of mobile numbers and then firing out messages is regarded as spam and you will upset a lot of people. Sending text messages to phone numbers of owners who have not opted-in to your SMS campaign is an illegal practice.

❼         Only send texts which are relevant and offer real value to your customers

              Every time you send SMS to someone from your customer list, make sure it offers them something of value. Be it an update about your product, reminder for their next appointment with you or an exclusive promo, you should always offer something valuable and compelling.

❽         Avoid overt sales messages and marketing jargon

              Keep the text message clear, precise and brief. Focus on a specific purpose for your text message. Do not use marketing jargon. When people are looking to buy a product, they are looking for something that’s going to simplify their life. Using complex technical language makes it more difficult for your customer to understand what you’re trying to offer and say in the message.

❾         Use video and Images where possible to improve customer interaction

               Text messaging is a great way to announce your product, but images and mobile video can help provide more information at a time when the audience is most interested. It provides more information and an entertaining clip within a text message.

         Remember: less is more, don’t over-use SMS

               Last but not the least of the top ten rules in SMS Marketing. Do not annoyed your customers by sending them too many texts. Sending too many texts is one of many surefire ways of encouraging your customers to unsubscribe. One of the great benefits of SMS is that texts are never ignored. But this also means that if you send your customers too many text messages, you’re likely to pay a price. Less is most definitely more.

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