Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

The New and Affordable Premium Messaging Service brought to you by IntelliSMS. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) enables you to deliver any type of multimedia format via the traditional SMS mobile phone channel.

MMS Messaging for Real Estate

The use of MMS messaging as a Premium concept in Real Estate Businesses Mobile Marketing strategy has been around four years, however up until recently, has also been underutilized due to the perceived expensive nature of the product (with a standard MMS costing up to $o.55c), when compared to the standard SMS costs.

IntelliSMS is pleased to announce to all that we have recently negotiated the cheapest and thus most affordable MMS product in the Australian market, at only $0.30c per MMS message.

Through the use of MMS in your mobile marketing, you can now send images, videos, or sounds containing a preview visual which displays without having to click through via an embedded link in the SMS message.

Key Features of MMS (compared to SMS)

Includes up to 1,000 text characters for the text component of the message (which equates to 6 x SMS).

• Includes a Subject Line/Header

• Allows you to embed a premium Property image directly into the body of the message


Key Advantage of using MMS

Reach – Ensure your campaign cuts through MMS open rates exceed 99% and are read on average within 3 minutes.

Engage – MMS achieves 300% more customer engagement than using text-only messaging.

Share – Make your campaign go VIRAL!MMS content is 8 times more likely than SMS to be shared.

Influence – Over 90% of consumers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional images and videos.

Test It Yourself

For more information about ‘Intelli MMS’ go to or alternatively call the Intelli Sales Team on 1300 015 013.

Get Started With MMS

Real Estate agents interested in Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Please email Justin Cardillo at or call him directly on 0468 884 606.

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