NPS in Property Management

The audio below is an interview between Lee Woodward – CEO of The Real Estate AcademyJoel Davis – CEO of Image Property and Justin Cardillo – Sales and Marketing Manager of IntelliSMS.

In this interview, they discuss and outline the importance of using NPS (Net Promoter Scores) within Real Estate Practices, especially within the Property Management side of the business.

Using NPS Surveys for Property Management can provide valuable insight into the “Health” of a property management business and rent roll.

Listen Below

Business Accountability in Property Management

by Lee Woodward, Joel Davis & Justin Cardillo | Real Estate Success with SMS

Property Managers can quickly and easily survey landlords to rate the quality of their Property Management services.  Poor or low scores can allow PM’s to be proactive and fix problems before a landlord takes their property off that PM and moves to a competitor.

IntelliSMS has developed a unique web portal to deliver NPS Surveys for Property Managers.  The results of which are reported inside the IntelliNPS web dashboard.

If you are Property Manager and you’re unsure if your landlords or tenants are happy with your service, then IntelliNPS is the ideal solution. 

IntelliNPS is a Single Question, SMS Survey Tool designed for fast feedback.  IntelliNPS is the Smartest Way to get Fast Feedback from landlords.

Using SMS to deliver NPS surveys enables PM’s to send much quicker than email, get higher read rates than email, and get higher response rates than email.

IntelliNPS allows PM’s to act quicker to fix any potential problems with their landlords.

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