Nine SMS Facts That Could Change Your Business

SMS is such a critical communication tool for all manner of businesses, that CEO’s and Leaders within business whom are reluctant to embrace the SMS Messaging medium, could get left behind.

A report commissioned by Oxygen8, the 2016 Telco Industry Report revealed the following facts regarding peoples behaviour and attitudes towards the SMS medium.

Nine Important Facts About SMS

  1.  Open Rate of SMS messages 98% (compared to 22% for emails)
  2.  SMS messages read within first 3 minutes 90%
  3.  Average response time for a SMS = 90 secs
  4.  People who purchase as a result of an SMS 64%
  5.  People who prefer SMS over App’s 81%
  6.  Apps that are only used once 99%mobile searches
  7.  68% of people check their smartphone once an hour
  8.  50.3% of all e-commerce comes from smartphones
  9.  Consumers who think businesses should send more SMS 64%

Five Not-So-Important Facts About SMS

  1.  5.1 billion people own a mobile phone v 4.2 Billion that own a toothbrush
  2.  15 % of people interrupted sex to read an SMS
  3.  40% of people read and send SMS on the toilet
  4.  64 % of people sleep with their mobiles
  5.  120million i-phones sold in 2012 (more than the weight of the Eiffel tower)

Understanding the potential of SMS to communicate the value you create for customers and clients inside your business may be the competitive advantage needed to get ahead.

The Facts Tell The Story

As you can see, the impact SMS messaging has on behaviour is compelling.  Just imaging how the level of influence SMS delivers, could be use to your businesses advantage.

Justin Cardillo

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Know The Risks

If you are considering SMS, understand the risks before you take the plunge.

To help you,  we’ve created a free report titled ‘The Seven Pitfalls to Avoid Before Implementing SMS‘.

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