Intelli NEXT – Mobile Landing Pages

Enhance Your SMS Campaigns and Reporting

Don’t limit you SMS Marketing message to 160 plain text characters or Pay for expensive MMS messages.

Using Intelli NEXT’s mobile web page builder, you can rapidly construct mobile webpage Brochures, that can include; Pictures, Video, Polls, Product Specials etc, send out an SMS campaign to your members that links them to the mobile web page, AND report on who has visited the page or who has not.

Unique Platform¬†Deliver’s Enriched Message Content in SMS Campaigns

Why use SMS to Market you Products and Services?  Check out these facts from a 2012 survey

  • Smartphone ownership up to 76% (up from 67% last year)
  • 77% of respondents access websites on their mobile phones
  • 16% of users say they use their smartphone to purchase things online
  • People who opted in to receive SMS / MMS from businesses rose from 47% to 57 % in the last year
  • 48% of respondents clicked on a link in an SMS to access a mobile website / brochure Page

Taking the Next Step

Once you have made a decision to launch an SMS campaign, don’t limit your message to 160 characters of plain text

Intelli NEXT’s mobile web page editor gives you the tools to quickly and easily build your mobile web brochures.

The SMS campaign functionality inside lets you select your audience, construct your message, connect the webpage to your message and deliver it. You can then report who in your audience has viewed your web brochure.

Current Intelli NEXT features:

  • Multiple Web Page content Types (Panels); Videos, Photos, Text, Product Lists, Polls
  • Member Database with member categories
  • Campaign Definition
  • Campaign Reporting including who has opened your web brochure
  • Redirect pages so you can captive reporting information but take your member to your own mobile webpage
  • Call to action content in mobile web brochure – email form or click to call

Intelli NEXT – Dashboard

SMS webpage builder dashboard


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