Intelli Outbound

Outbound SMS – Simple

Intelli OUTBOUND is a web based app providing simple DIY SMS sending capabilities with an easy to use web page interface allowing you to send messages to one or more recipients.

This simple send app has the following features:

  1. Messages with standard GMS characters or Unicode Characters (which include Emoji)
  2. Long Messages over 160 characters, GSM or 70 character Unicode.
intelli outbound

SMS Campaign Sending

This is an extension to the simple SMS send page.

By adding a Campaign role to your user we can give you the additional SMS functionality:

  • Create and Manage Contacts which include custom contact fields and contact categories
  • Create and use SMS message templates
  • Create Filters for contact selection when sending to Contacts
  • Create Campaign Records and Send messages in reference to the campaign.
  • Send messages with a Validity Duration
  • Schedule the delivery time of messages
  • Send Flash Messages

Intelli OUTBOUND web app is ideal for marketing managers and business owners wanting to send up to 10,000 SMS messages in a single campaign.

For volumes higher than 10,000 SMS’s, for speed of execution reasons, we prefer to use the Intelli ‘Campaign Manager’ desktop software as loading and sending times are greatly reduced.

How to Get Started

To get started, simply

  1. Apply for an account (see below)
  2. Confirm your virtual number
  3. Set up your campaign
  4. Buy SMS Credits
  5. Set and forget 🙂

Bulk SMS Campaign Manager

At IntelliSMS, we use the Campaign Manager desktop application software to manage high volume or ‘Managed Campaigns’ on behalf of our clients.

To find out more and download the software, simple click Bulk SMS Campaign Manager.



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