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Reply SMS Messaging

Reply messaging, now being used much more, can offer real benefits in communication automation. Intelli makes this process simple and eliminates your need to lease your own virtual numbers. We do offer virtual number lease if you want your own number for identification purposes.

Our service matches in the inbound message with outbound message for. The service using a pool of mobile numbers for which we set the message source address. The source address is rotated to make sure we do not confuse the correct owner of the inbound message.

We set the number rotation method in two ways, which you can choose
Conversation – this method attempts to maintain the same source address when sending a message from the same user to the same destination number. This a recipient can easily track the conversation.

Max Rotation – this process will attempt to always rotate the source address for each message sent to the same recipient. This is enable correct matching of the Inbound message to correct outbound message even when multiple messages are set to the same recipient from the same user.

MO Message Forwarding

When we receive direct inbound (not reply message) messages to your mobile number we can forward these messages to multiple destination.

SMS Message Features and Options


Long or multipart messages


Unicode Character set including imojos


Scheduled Message Delivery


Message Validity Period (how long to keep trying to deliver a message is handset is not available)


High message throughput allocations


Flash messages



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Geoff Neill, Medilink