SMS Notifications & SMS Alerts

SMS Notifications Are What We Do Best

SMS Notifications are the backbone of the IntelliSMS business.

Mission Critical alerts such as those sent by emergency services or utilities providers mean SMS text messages must delivered on time, every time.

Only the best ‘Tier One, Telco Carrier Grade’ infrastructure can deliver this type of promise.

That is the reason why Intelli Messaging Services has invested heavily in Telco Grade infrastructure to provide the best of practise service levels.

Providers that cannot guarantee 100% deliverability aren’t qualified to serve this market.


The Two Types of SMS Notifications

1. Critical – SMS Alerts

SMS Alert’s refer mainly to the ’emergency’ type of SMS notification.

Essentially, non marketing related communications where the ‘timeliness’ of the information is paramount is what we refer to the Alert’s category.

That is why we are the chosen SMS Gateway to work with Utilities  providers such as Powercor Australia and Citipower.

Both power companies from time to time may have to advise customers of real time power outages.

2. Non Critical – SMS Reminders

Not to be confused with marketing related SMS messaged.

Non Critical SMS customer notifications such as appointment reminders or bill due date reminders are one of the reasons Application Developers and Enterprise teams work with Intelli Messaging (remove services).

By integrating the Intelli Messaging platform into their own software applications, developers have experienced as much as a 40% reduction in appointment ‘no show’ rates for their end users.

A common strategy for Application Developers using Intelli Messaging’s SMS Gateway and API is to become a Reseller.

By being a Reseller, Developers are able to create a passive revenue stream while providing superior service to their clients.

With open rates higher than 80%, SMS Marketing is a powerful communication medium for business.

If you want to find out more about SMS Marketing or Mobile marketing for your business, there is plenty of information available.

Additionally, if you want to review an SMS Marketing Case Study, just click the link.

If you have further questions about SMS Notifications or SMS Marketing, please get in touch. 



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