The Power of Using Robot Marketing in “Live” Vendor Pre-Listing Presentations

If you an existing Robot Marketing user you, will understand the power of using the ‘Robot’ as an inbound lead generator for your Real Estate Practice.

However, if you are using the Robot only as a inbound lead generator (by adverting SMS Keywords on all of your marketing collateral), then you are possibly overlooking the value of using the ‘Robot’ in live interactive vendor pre-listing presentations.

Think about the impact the ‘Robot’ could have on a potential vendor when you ask them to text the “keyword” of the previous property you have sold, to your very own SMS Virtual Number.

‘LIVE’ Demonstration allows you to demonstrate the following:

• That you are a modern agent using modern marketing techniques.

• That you understand the importance of Mobile (phone) marketing in a mobile phone dominated world.

• The quality of your marketing collateral (for example the web book you send back via the ‘Robot’).

• The cheapest and most effective modern marketing tool in the RE industry.

• That you think outside of the ‘tried and tested” common RE Industry marketing practices.

• And most importantly that you trust your technology to work as expected every time.

Robot Marketing Live Vendor Pre-Listing Presentations

Voice Activated SMS Virtual Number

Not only does the ‘live’ demonstration allow you to show off the ‘Robot’ to the potential vendor but allows you to demonstrate your Voice Activated SMS Virtual Number in action.

It works because ‘IntelliSMS’ now has the technology for all ‘Calls” to your SMS Virtual Number to be forwarded to your mobile or office landline, meaning you never miss a hot inbound lead.

Test it for Yourself

To test ‘Robot Marketing’ for yourself simply text the word ‘ROBOT’ 0488 826 800 or CALL the same number and see it in action.

Get Started With Robot Marketing

Real Estate agents wish to use Robot Marketing in “Live” Vendor Pre-Listing Presentations please contact Justin Cardillo and secure a virtual mobile number from him at or call him directly on 0468 884 606

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