How to Automate Real Estate Lead Nurturing

SMS Marketing Automation

Introducing ‘SMS Marketing Automation‘ into any Real Estate practice represents the cheapest and most time-efficient method of customer communication.

SMS Marketing Automation – sometimes referred to as robot marketing by industry insiders – is a term used to define the pre-scheduling of SMS marketing messages, for automated release, based on a trigger event or activity.

It relies on leveraging SMS technology such as Intelli Messaging Services SMS gateway.

It relies on leveraging SMS technology such as Intelli Messaging Services SMS gateway.

Marketing Automation for Real Estate Practices

SMS Marketing Automation enables real estate agents to better serve potential clients and free up more of their time.

There are two core use cases available with automated SMS marketing communications:

1. Automating the sending of SMS marketing communications

This allows Real Estate practices to schedule the sending of SMS reminders in advance.

EXAMPLE 1: Sales agents can schedule on Friday afternoon a text message to be delivered on a Saturday morning, reminding clients of an open house or an auction time for example.
EXAMPLE 2: Property managers can pre-schedule SMS reminders of rent due dates to ensure payments are prompt and timely.

2. Automating the SMS replies to an inbound SMS communication

Automating an SMS reply to one of IntelliSMS’s ‘virtual SMS numbers’, allows Real Estate practices to automatically reply to an inbound SMS enquiry at any time of the day.

SMS Mobile Phone User

Right Message to the

Right Person at the

Right Time

This form of automated SMS communication is proving to be a big hit amongst real estate Sales Agents.

It allows them to send information back to a potential buyer (based on an inbound SMS enquiry) at any time of day and gives the impression the agent is a modern agent with a strong work ethic.

What the Sales Agent is doing for the potential buyer is delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

SMS marketing automation is a must for all real estate practices as it enables various administrative and sales processes to be conducted more efficiently.

It and frees up an agent’s time to do what they do best: list and sell property.

The Best SMS Marketing Automation Strategies for Real Estate

If you want to discuss how to grow your Real Estate marketing practice using SMS Marketing Automation strategies, then speak to the Real Estate industries leader in SMS consulting – Justin Cardillo.

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