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Are you & your properties actually being seen?

With 76% of the population now owning a smartphone. Real estate marketing needs to move with the times and embrace the innovation and functionality of 3.web technology.

3.web technology is also known as the “Intelligent Web”. It brings rich internet applications and social media to mobile devices, using SMS technology to deliver mobile websites, mobile brochures, landing pages, and SMS communications to engage and interact with customers and prospects.

Mobile marketing has been around for centuries. In the Middle Ages, town criers were hired to broadcast announcements.

In the 19th Century, traveling salesmen delivered the news and in 1925, the Goodyear Blimp made a huge impression when it introduced mobile advertising into the marketing mix.

The world of 3.web technology, mobile marketing has now become truly mobile with 24/7 access to customers and prospects wherever they may be. No longer do internet users rely on their desktop computer to access the internet. 77% of people now choose to access websites on their mobile phones with a rising 16% happy to use their smartphone for online purchasing.

Importantly for agents, the number of people now embracing SMS marketing is also on the rise. The first SMS was actually sent way back in 1992 with users being able to send SMS across carriers in 1999. This generated a rapid and steady growth in SMS messaging especially in business application to phone messaging.

According to a recent industry report, the number of people opting in to receive SMS communications is now rising rapidly, up from 46% 10 56% over the past year alone, with 48% of respondents clicking on a link in an SMS to access a mobile website or landing page.

Lee Woodward, CEO of Real Estate Academy

“The shift in acceptance of SMS marketing has been an exciting trend for real estate,” said Lee Woodward, CEO of Real Estate Academy. “Automated SMS notifications for new property listings, price adjustments & just sold or to deliver mobile brochures via a URL link embedded in an SMS is one of the most time-efficient and cost-effective ways for agents to market to their prospects.

“The next stage in the process is a move to 3.web technology as it maximizes every communication with your customer database allowing enhanced content such as house images and floor plans to be delivered with instant communication replies such as click to calls and email inquiries”.

Mobile Marketing for Real Estate

Intelli Messaging was one of the first companies in Australia to offer an enterprises quality SMS gateway service. Today, it offers three states of the art marketing tools to enable agents to increase property visibility and generate a higher level of buyer interest, faster and more cost-effectively.

“Intelli offers one of the worlds most innovative ranges of SMS marketing tools available on the market and is why we chose to partner with them,” Said, Lee Woodward.

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