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In a world where only those businesses that move with the latest technologies surviveĀ “IntelliSMS” leads the charge.

justin cardillo intellismsAs Sales and Marketing Manager Justin Cardillo states: “A few years ago we chose the direction to offer our customers a range of communication products over and above our core SMS Gateway business.

With this in mind take a closer look at our innovative and cost-effective product range suitable for all Real Estate practices.

Email to SMS – This Microsoft Outlook plugin allows emails to be converted to SMS.

SMS to Email – Our 2-way SMS Gateway allows SMS replies to be forwarded as an email to an email address inbox.

Email to Fax – Fax is NOT dead. Allows emails with attached files to be converted and sent as a fax.

Excel to SMS – Allows excel spreadsheets to be converted to send SMS.

Voice Automation Solutions – Cloud-based voice technology providing a revolutionary way to connect and engage with your customers.

Attendance Tracker and the Alert messaging system generates SMS communications based on attended events.

Competition Manager – Allows you to run and manage your own inbound SMS keyword competitions to help build your customer database.

Appointment Reminder – Generate SMS based on new appointments, rescheduled and canceled appointments.

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To test for yourself simply text or call 0488 826 800 and see it in action.

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"We found IntelliSMS and their team are second to none."
Geoff Neill, Medilink