The Four Reason Retailers Should Consider a Digital Receipt For Customers

In today’s digital environment the business practices of decades past are fast being replaced by improved alternatives.

For retailers this is also the case as they look for ways to improve both their own operational processes and return on marketing and promotional investment, but importantly also the overall customer experience. In this blog series, we will present examples where Intelli Messaging are working with some of Australia’s largest retail organizations and brands to harness the power of SMS in today’s difficult and competitive retail environment.

We have all had situations where that somewhat small piece of heat sensitive paper ejected from the register is needed as proof of purchase for exchange, refund or replacement or the ATO and despite your best intentions can’t be found anywhere. Or worse you have been careful enough to have it filed and indexed (Who does that?) only to find the heat-sensitive paper it’s printed on doesn’t retain the proof you need and is now just a piece of scrap paper.

Intelli has resolved this problem and has implemented a solution for one of Australia’s iconic retail brands sending a digital copy of the receipt to the customers mobile phone at the point of sale. The customer is asked at the end of the sale if they would like a copy sent via SMS yet still have the old paper receipt given to them with the product.

Initially, the expectation on the retailer’s part was that the uptake would be around 10-15% across their 300 but plus stores nationally but to their surprise, 35% uptake in the first hour after launch was where it kicked off.

Growing daily to reach levels of 75% and more it was clear to them that their customers not only preferred the SMS method for reasons of convenience and those mentioned above but were ready to engage with their business on many different levels using the medium of SMS.

Digital Receipt Using SMS

Why Use Intellimessaging’s SMS Digital Receipts?

1. Security: As retailer’s battle with the conundrum of balancing retaining a valued customer with the fact a stolen item from their store may be returned for a refund and how to distinguish between the two. Intelli Messaging has provided a solution that will minimize the potential for the valued customer having lost the receipt and given them the confidence to dismiss all who don’t have one.

2. Customer Experience: Customers are like water in many instances and will naturally take the easiest path. So when you provide that path where little can go wrong with the need they have, that puts you front of mind. Customers rarely consider a receipt until of course, they need it. The implementation of the Intelli Messaging SMS digital receipt will be a point of difference the customer will remember and want.

3. Efficiency and Cost Savings: The Intelli Messaging SMS digital receipt not only demonstrates a business looking to provide the best and most convenient service for their customers but provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for the important element of managing security, exchange and return issues.

4. Data Capture: Fast growing to be a highly valuable asset to all business’s is consumer data.
For retailers, this is a goldmine if collected and used in a respectful and considerate way driving loyalty and targeted and personalized marketing opportunities. The Intelli Messaging SMS digital receipt provides the perfect solution to capture this data in a way that is compliant with the ACMA spam laws.

For more information on how to implement the Intelli Messaging SMS Digital Receipt contact Ronan Mitchell at or 0431 835 072. In my next post we will examine: SMS -The Direct Communication Channel with Your Customer That Must Be Respected.

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