Increase Customer Communication Cut Through Rates

One of the most powerful yet understated characteristics of SMS communication is in its silence.

By this, I refer to the ability of SMS messages to be delivered to mobile phone while on silent mode or even turned off. In the instance where the mobile phone is placed on ‘silent’, the SMS will still be delivered instantaneously.

Cutting Through the Clutter

This allows SMS communication to ‘cut through’ in circumstances where consumers are at work and therefore unable to take personal phone calls, or they’re simply too busy to do so.

SMS Marketing Works ‘Dark’

In the case where the mobile phone is actually turned off or out of mobile coverage range, the message will be delivered immediately once the handset is turned back on (or comes back in full coverage with the mobile network).

Compare this to calling a mobile phone that is turned off, where the best achievable result is to leave a voicemail. Realistically, a voicemail may never even be listened to (only 39% of consumers will listen to every voicemail all the way through) or even more annoying, a game of phone tag develops.

The Confidence of Cut Through

SMS communication allows the sender of the message the confidence to know that the message will be read either immediately (90% of messages read within 10 minutes) or as soon as the phone is turned back on.

With regards to the above, using SMS communication in your Real Estate Practise, therefore, affords you the cheapest and most time efficient communication that exists.

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