Save Time Sharing New Listings

The Real Estate SMS marketing campaign is a great and fastest way for Real Estate agent to save time and money.

In a business world where your time equates to money ($) spent within your Real Estate practice, the use of SMS for marketing and general dissemination of information is the most valuable tool currently available.

The use of SMS can not only deliver cost savings but can increase productivity and free up your valuable time. Consider the following case study where “RE Agency ABC” lists a new property and needs to notify 200 potential buyers listed on their database.

Save Time Sharing New Listings for Real Estate

Not only does the use of SMS save your RE practice time and money, but it also frees you up to do what you do best: LIST & SELL Real Estate…

justin cardillo intellismsAccording to Justin Cardillo (‘IntelliSMS’ Sales and and Marketing Manager) SMS use can be considered as a “quiet” form of communication as it allows for information to be passed (compared to direct calls) when mobile phones are turned off, on another call, blocked or simply avoided due to being at work or in a social setting.

Test It Yourself

To test ‘Robot Marketing’ for yourself simply TEXT the word ‘ROBOT’ 0488 826 800 or CALL the same number and see it in action.

Get Started With SMS Marketing

For further information about using SMS in your business, please contact Justin on 0468 884 606 or email at

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