Short Message Service (SMS)

Connecting directly to your real estate market. As coached by Lee Woodward, Short Message Service (SMS) is the perfect channel to convert interested prospects into now sellers.

Are you missing your opportunity audience?

In the world of 3.web technology, mobile marketing has now become truly mobile with 24/7 access to customers and prospects wherever they may be via their Smart Phones. More importantly for agents, the number of people now embracing SMS marketing is on a rapid rise. According to a recent industry report, up to a staggering 90% of all SMS messages were opened and read by the recipient within the first 10 minutes of being received. No other form of communication can deliver read rates and click-through rates at such astonishing speeds.

Automating SMS notifications for properties Just Listed/Just Sold is one of the most time-efficient and cost-effective ways for agents to market their newly listed properties to potential buyers whilst potentially avoiding mass marketing campaigns and associated costs. It can significantly improve an agent’s time efficiency by allowing them to communicate with their complete customer database whilst avoiding lengthy phone calls and the associated phone call charges.

Using Intelli’s mobile landing page technology, agents can deliver multiple property images via SMS at a fraction of the traditional costs associated with MMS ($0.55 per message). Intelli’s cost-effective technology allows properties to be delivered to a mobile handset by embedding a link to the Mobile Property Landing Page via SMS.

Short Message Service (SMS)

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