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SMS Marketing Tools for Any Real Estate Practice

Innovative SMS Marketing Tools Intelli Messaging offers one of the best SMS marketing tools for Real Estate business available in the market today. With 76% of the population now owning a smartphone, real estate marketing needs to move with times and embrace the...

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Demographics Favour SMS Technology

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: The Demographics are all in Favour of SMS SMS Technology is reaching across all demographics and is now prevalent among teenagers young adults, and older generations. In the 18-24 age group close to 40 % of respondents to a recent survey...

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Voice Activated SMS Virtual Numbers

Voice Activate Your Robot Marketing SMS Virtual Number If you are already a satisfied user of IntelliSMS’ SMS Virtual Number for your Robot Marketing service why not upgrade into a Voice Activated number. ‘IntelliSMS’ are the only SMS Gateway in Australia to now...

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INTELLISMS – Leading SMS B2C Communications

INTELLISMS: A True Market Innovator in B2C Communications... In a world where only those businesses that move with the latest technologies survive, Melbourne owned and based "IntelliSMS" leads the charge. As Sales and Marketing Manager Justin Cardillo states: "A few...

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SMS MOBILE MARKETING "THE FACTS" According to Justin Cardillo (Sales and Marketing Manager for IntelliSMS) and a leading marketing consultant to the Real Estate Industry, SMS mobile marketing is the most time and cost-efficient platform on offer. Just consider the...

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SMS Digital Receipt

The Four Reason Retailers Should Consider a Digital Receipt For CustomersIn today's digital environment the business practices of decades past are fast being replaced by improved alternatives. For retailers this is also the case as they look for ways to improve both...

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52 million

2017 Message Volume

61 million

2018 Message Volume

Peter Humphries CEO

" Peter Humphries, CEO of Intelli Messaging Services is an industry veteran of 15 years "