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INTELLISMS – Leading SMS B2C Communications

INTELLISMS: A True Market Innovator in B2C Communications... In a world where only those businesses that move with the latest technologies survive, Melbourne owned and based "IntelliSMS" leads the charge. As Sales and Marketing Manager Justin Cardillo states: "A few...

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SMS MOBILE MARKETING "THE FACTS" According to Justin Cardillo (Sales and Marketing Manager for IntelliSMS) and a leading marketing consultant to the Real Estate Industry, SMS mobile marketing is the most time and cost-efficient platform on offer. Just consider the...

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Same Sex Marriage SMS Campaign – When Is Unsolicited OK

Unsolicited Political Campaigns On the 30th September - many Australians received an unsolicited text from 'YesEquality' which read: “The Marriage Equality Survey forms have arrived!  Help make history and vote YES for a fairer Australia.” As you can...

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Are You Playing SMS Technology Roulette?

How to Take the Spin Out of Wholesale Application (Computer) to Phone SMS in the Australian Market The Australian wholesale application to phone SMS messaging market (SMS Routing) has become so confusing. Choosing the right supplier has virtually become a game of...

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Nine Facts Every Business Leader Should Know

Nine SMS Facts That Could Change Your Business SMS is such a critical communication tool for all manner of businesses, that CEO’s and Leaders within business whom are reluctant to embrace the SMS Messaging medium, could get left behind. A report commissioned by...

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SMS Marketing Cut Through Clutter

Increase Customer Communication Cut Through Rates One of the most powerful yet understated characteristics of SMS communication is in its silence. By this, I refer to the ability of SMS messages to be delivered to mobile phone while on silent mode or even turned off....

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52 million

2017 Message Volume

61 million

2018 Message Volume

Peter Humphries CEO

" Peter Humphries, CEO of Intelli Messaging Services is an industry veteran of 15 years "